Whatsapp bought by Facebook for 16 billion dollars

Whatsapp in a nutshell

This platform makes it possible to exchange images, videos, and audio or written messages via a smartphone. Founded in 2009 by two former employees of the Yahoo! Group, Whatsapp has already won 500 million users , with one million new subscribers every day . Thanks to this application, users can exchange for free . Only wifi access is required, which can facilitate communication whean traveling abroad. At present, there are 19 billion messages sent and 34 billion received each day.

Facebook wants to rejuvenate

With an attempt to buy unsuccessful Snapchat (another messaging application), for $ 4 billion, we see that Facebook is trying to multiply the shares on the mobile channel . Indeed, we see that Facebook wants to attract young mobile users , who are deserting more and more the network that has just celebrated its tenth anniversary. In addition, Facebook said that the platform would remain entirely independent, like Instagram (bought in 2012), so it will retain its brand and operate completely autonomously. Facebook’s instant messaging will therefore continue to work in parallel with the application.

The online instant messaging market is booming, so it’s worth it to position yourself there. This acquisition allows Facebook to retain its users , who had a tendency to stray on other networks more popular.

What impacts for Swiss courier services?

Since this acquisition, Swiss instant messaging services such as Swisscom iO and Threema have experienced significant growth in the number of users. In the space of one day, these applications have 10,000 and 55,000 new followers respectively, which is 15 times more than a normal day . This desire to turn to Swiss solutions lies in the protection of data , indeed this criterion plays a key role for new users. These solutions claim that personal information is stored on servers in Switzerland and that every conversation is encrypted .

What future for the giant of social networks?

Facebook is now much more than a social network, it’s a group. Indeed, its two major acquisitions Instagram and Whatsapp open the doors of the mobile channel and telecom operators. However Facebook remains dependent on them for the provision of internet access to mobile users. The young Mark Zuckerberg has always denied the decline of his social network and shows that he is not ready to leave his place, even if he has to pay a heavy price. However, to make this beautiful acquisition profitable, Mark Zuckerberg intends to bill each user a sumas a subscription. So far, the app was free the first year for each user, then a small fee was charged for the year. In addition, as an advertiser, Facebook could benefit from the new 450 million users to generate new revenue.

Facebook now has in its hands the two applications that attract the most mobile users in the world. In the face of increased competition on the instant messaging market, Whatsapp has a solid capital that will enable it to resist other players in the market: Viber, WeChat, or the Swisscom iO solution. Facebook also saw an extra rival arrive , with more users daily than him. In other words, this acquisition allows the social networking giant to eliminate a significant competitor.

Today, we are facing a phenomenon of intensive redemptions of young and immature companies, but which nevertheless represent a huge potential for their new buyers. Faced with the announcement of repurchases applications for millions or even billions of dollars, would not we be witnessing the formation of a bubble 2.0

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