Vuuzle.Live App Review | World’s Best Streaming App For Android And iOS

If you are entertainment seeker and looking for a new online streaming app to watch different types of videos and channels from around the world, then here’s a special app for you. The new Vuuzle.Live is the app available for both, Android and iOS mobile platforms, and is developed by Vuuzle Media Corp for the platforms. It is for free and you can jump into the ocean of live videos and can develop a whole new community with the like-minded people. Let’s decode this wonderful app now!

This innovative app lets you create your own profile where you can develop your own community with the like-minded people. The app lets you even broadcast your own videos through which you can start earning money. Yes, the app even lets you earn money by becoming a popular Broadcaster on the platform.

You can watch your favorite streamers online through the Vuuzle app. It offers a completely fresh and new environment to spend your time and earn money altogether. You can also deploy new ways to gain more followers. The more engaging profile you develop, the chances of earning more money will be high.

Take your streaming to the next level through the Vuuzle.Live app through your smartphone. The app lets you offer unique broadcasting capabilities to become a professional broadcaster. You can even follow your friends and can share precious moments with each other. The platform has a built-in Messaging app which lets you engage with your friends and followers easily. You can chat with them and can discuss things with each other.

Moreover, the app has its own Streamer ranking system. This system lets you level up your own profile which can earn you more money. You can even offer gifts to your favorite streamers and can even receive the gifts from your own followers through the app itself.

Interestingly, Vuuzle.Live app comes with easy integration with your popular social networks. You can upload and stream your favorite videos from Facebook and Instagram with instant integration. It also comes with a multi-user functionality to beam up your friends and followers simultaneously.

What’s new in the Vuuzle.Live? 

Vuuzle.Live app is widely available for both, Android and iOS platforms. You can download and install this app from a respective App store for your device. Once the app is installed, the first thing you will be asked is to sign up for this platform.

There are many ways to sign up to this platform to become a broadcaster and the streamer as well. You can sign up through Google Account, Facebook and Twitter. If you want to register manually, click the Sign-up button, fill in the form and Sign up through its manual process.

Once you signed up for this platform, you will see the decent interface of the app there with all the useful options which you can use while exploring this platform. The first thing you need to do here is to create your own Profile. Enter your details, bio and profile picture, select the hashtags of your favorite genres. You can view your profile from the Profile section from the bottom right corner.

On the top, there will be different categories which you can select as per your mood. You can select from Popular, New, Channels, Discover, News. Each category has something different to offer and explore.

Moments section lets you save your precious moments. You can explore all the special moments selected by you through this section.

Popular category shows you the most popular videos. The New section lets you watch the latest and most recent videos. The Channels section shows you the videos of your favorite Channels only. Discover section lets you discover new videos from the platform. News section gives you live news updates.

As mentioned above, you can even chat with your favorite broadcaster or streamer and followers through a special Chat section. The app has a built-in Chat section from where you can communicate with other users.

Once you find something worth watching on the platform, just select the video and it will start streaming right away on your mobile phone’s screen.

While watching the video, you will see a lot of different things including the live comments. You can like the video or can send a comment to the streamer. You too can become the Broadcaster by sharing your own videos and going live on the platform. This way, your profile will gain more followers and you will be able to earn extra bucks through the app.

Final Thoughts: 

Vuuzle.Live is an innovative way to entertain yourself through a smartphone. It’s a very good app that can even let you earn some extra money. You can use this app as an information platform or an entertainment platform, it has got everything to make you feel special. Be live, Broadcast Yourself and become a Star!

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