Do the Swiss pay with their smartphone?

Different mobile payment technologies  (eg Twint, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) have been widely deployed in recent years, what about their use in Switzerland?

According to a study released by consulting firm Deloitte, 17% of Swiss use their smartphone to pay for their purchases occasionally. Indeed, mobile transactions in Switzerland are less than 1%.

The  Swiss consumers who installed the applications mobile payment does not necessarily actively using, rather occasionally. Mobile payment is particularly used, unsurprisingly, by young users between 16 and 29 years old.

Nevertheless, the payment by smartphone progresses in the Swiss retail trade. In the future an increase in users of online payment applications is expected.

How to pay with your smartphone?

Different applications exist on the market, the leading application in Switzerland is Twint . This recommendation, recommended by the majority of Swiss banks, is notoriously notorious. Unlike other applications, this allows transactions between individuals.

Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are globally recognized apps and this broadens their scope of use.

These are installed on your smartphones, you must then fill in your credit card information  and then you simply make your payments in store via their devices with your mobile device.

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