An SSL certificate for your website

You must have heard about SSL certificates , but do you really know how they work and why it’s so important to have one on your website? Today Artionet offers all its customers to own their own SSL certificate for reasons of security but also to gain credibility and confidence vis-à-vis their users.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. This concept is based on a digital encryption protocol that protects information that passes between an internet browser and a server. This type of certificate plays a vital role for the security of your data when you browse the web. The data that deserve to be secured are for example the following:

  • Credit card numbers
  • User names
  • Passwords
  • Content of emails exchanged with your correspondents
  • Etc …

You must have noticed that on more and more sites, when you enter their URL in your browser it appears in the following format:


Encryption protects your data from malicious people and entities such as hackers. The purchase of an SSL certificate is even more recommended if you have an online sales activity and the important data of your visitors intervenes.

3 types of SSL certificates

There are currently 3 types of SSL certificates on the market, depending on the needs of the websites:

  • Domain validation (DV)
  • Validated Organization (OV)
  • Advanced validation (EV)

These 3 certificates encrypt the data but the difference lies in their level of reputation:

The DV type certificates are issued in minutes, the customer simply needs to confirm that he is the owner of the domain concerned with the certification authority.

The OV and EV certificates require a more thorough validation . Indeed, these allow to display on your website the different icons of trust to reassure your visitors (especially on your E-Commerce platforms). The most important indicator of trust is indicated by the address bar of your browser which is colored green in the case of an EV certificate.

Presence of an SSL certificate (display on different browsers)

Other types of certificates

It will also be possible to find Wildcard SSL certificates that target a primary domain with an unlimited number of subdomains attached to it:

  • Main domain: www . monsite . com
  • Subdomains: mail . monsite . com , shop . monsite . com , payment . monsite . com …

There are also multi-domain certificates that are able to secure multiple domain names with a single certificate , this type of certificate allows you to add up to 100 domains .

SSL Certificates and SEO

A few months ago, we devoted an article on our blog to the impacts of SSL certificates on SEO . Indeed, Google now favors websites with the protocol “HTTPS” to position the websites in its search results. Security has become a major SEO criterion in addition to the compatibility of your website on mobile media of course.

Do you already have your own SSL certificate?

In order to constantly support our customers, Artionet now offers a service to purchase and set up SSL certificates for their websites. For further information on our service, we invite you to consult the description of this new service offered by our agency. Our specialists are at your disposal to answer your questions and to advise you in order to offer you the appropriate certificate for your platform.

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